The Madness of Mountains

This is ancient news by now, but Guillermo del Toro is off The Hobbit. As an avowed del Toro fan (though we don’t talk about Hellboy 2), I think this is good news. The Hobbit was a stalled project, at best, that was guaranteed to eat up several more years of his time, and I’d just as soon see him move on to other things. If The Hobbit ever does finally go before cameras (there’s rumors of David Yates and possibly even Sam Raimi taking over the vacated director’s chair) I’ll be eagerly looking for those parts that are left over from del Toro and Mike Mignola’s involvement.

For del Toro fans, the speculation over what project he’ll be doing next began immediately. There are a lot of possibilities, but there won’t be any definitive answers until the end of July. Like a lot of people, I’m personally hoping for At the Mountains of Madness, though I wouldn’t mind a bit if we got del Toro’s version of Frankenstein instead. Really, though, del Toro being loose on the cinematic world again after a couple of years tied down to pre-production on The Hobbit can pretty much only be good news for fans of weird and awesome cinema, no matter what project he ends up on.

Mostly, this whole post was just an excuse to link to these pictures from At the Mountains of Madness, via Golden Age Comic Book Stories.

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