Jonah Hex & Others

Yeah, Jonah Hex was pretty lousy, though probably not as bad as you might’ve heard. Its biggest sin wasn’t in being stupid (though there was certainly stupid to spare) but in being boring, which is sort of unforgiveable for a movie with a runtime in the 80 minute range. Of course, twenty of those eighty minutes (probably an exaggeration, but not by much) were recycled footage that we’d already seen earlier in the movie. Maybe if Jonah Hex had been only an hour long it would’ve been a better movie. (No.)

I also saw The Book of Eli, which was better than Jonah Hex, anyway, though it had its own problems. I thought the action sequences were awesome, but unfortunately there were only about four of them.

On Friday night we went to hang out with Lydia for awhile and just talked about books and told cat stories and junk, which was a lot of fun. I definitely need to do stuff like that more often.

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