When It Pours

A lot has been going on for me recently. Much of it I’ve already talked about here. Some of it I haven’t yet, and some of it I won’t be able to for maybe some time. But it’s been keeping me busy, and always in ways that I’ll say for sure I can’t rightly complain about. There’ll probably be more news and other stuff coming, in similar veins, in the near future.

I don’t want to abandon my posts here, though, nor turn this into a journal that’s just a chain of news items, so I’ll try to make sure I make time for chatting about other things when I can manage it. Around some of the other stuff I’ve talked about, I’ve seen quite a few movies (including Inception, which I thought was great, and The Losers, which I thought was fine) and also been reading a fair bit. I finished up several collections of Manly Wade Wellman stories, and also gained my first exposure to the writings of Edward Gorey. You can read about my experiences with both of those, as well as anything else I’ve read, at my Goodreads account. Right now I’m working my way through an audio book of the second volume of M.T. Anderson’s Octavian Nothing while doing filing at work.

I had planned a big post about inspiration and influence, and I’m still hoping to get around to that, but it’s going to have to wait until some other projects get off my plate. And speaking of those other projects, if anyone can recommend any good foreign-language Edgar Allan Poe films, I’d be grateful to you.

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