Dick Clark vs. the Weekend

I had a busy but exciting weekend in which I did lots of stuff, most of it not very interesting to the outside observer, some of it temporarily secret. But I did also see Rock Hudson Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and I enjoyed it.

It’s weird. I feel sort of like I’m treading some unacceptable ground by saying that. Scott Pilgrim feels sort of the same way The Dark Knight felt when it came out, like it’s not OK to say that you just liked it. It either has to have rocked your face off, or you have to be deeply and morally opposed to its continued existence. Any stance in the middle of the road is a stance that seems likely to get you run over by a truck. But yeah, Scott Pilgrim was really enjoyable. That’s about it.

I really liked a lot of the visual techniques they used, a lot of the shorthand for telling the story, and the constant leaning-up-against of the Fourth Wall. And I liked the visual stuff, with people turning into coins and sound effects appearing as words in the air around things. That’s most of what I went into it expecting to like, and that’s most of what I came out of it liking. I wish more movies took advantage of the fact that they’re a heightened, visual medium and did fun things with it.

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