1. N. Cline said:

    An excellent article about the different kinds of fiction bouncing around out there. A good teacher is one who can explain big concepts in small words, and you did that very well.

    • Thanks! This is definitely a subject that’s very near-and-dear to me, and I’m glad to have gotten the chance to talk about it.

  2. A very interesting read, I do agree that sometimes not knowing too much about the monster makes it more interesting. Hitchcock perfected this technique at least when it comes to motion pictures. What you don’t see/know (i.e the images you conjure up yourself are often far more effective than being fed a gory head explosion) is often creepier.

    • Thanks! Interestingly enough, a lot of times I’m a big fan of seeing things when it comes to film, but I don’t like things being explained in too great a detail, especially where the supernatural is concerned. It’s a fine line sometimes between just enough information and too much.

  3. I agree; there is a fine balance that needs to be adhered too. I personally feel that a lot of movies today put too much effort into the SFX side of the movie. I am not against progress in any way but sometimes I feel most movies are lacking in terms of character progression, story elements and perhaps even more important pacing to build up suspense.

    It might just be that I am growing older; so it’s good to dive deep into a book, get lost for a few hours and emerge with an experience you have created in your head – with the great aid of the author off course.

    Keep your good work up, I’ll keep an eye on this site in the future.

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