Compliance with Internet Code 6624k

No excuses; I’ve been criminally negligent in my signal boosting of late, and a lot of cool stuff has gone on without me linking to it, which violates some kind of unspoken Internet code of conduct. So, without further ado, here’s some cool things by some cool folks:

First off, the excellent S.J. Chambers has a short story in the latest installment of New and Innsmouth Free Press‘s own Silvia Moreno-Gracia has a new story up at Fantasy Magazine.

Next, Jesse Bullington and Jason Heller put together an array of zombie-themed songs for your listening pleasure in I Rocked with a Zombie.

Finally, everyone I know has been linking to this already, so I doubt if anybody reading this needs to be pointed toward it, but just to be safe, Set to Sea is a really excellent, surprisingly poignant comic that’s just been collected into book form, but you can still read it absolutely free thanks to the magic of the Internet!

OK, that’s it for now, until the next time I feel that I’ve shamefully abused my social obligations.

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