Countdown to Halloween

October has crept up on me, which is, I suppose, in keeping with its themes.

I’ve been planning to participate in the Countdown to Halloween even though I didn’t sign up until just now and don’t have anything specific planned. So while weekends may be a little scarce, most days from here ’til Halloween I’ll have at least a little something for you. Suggestions/requests are welcome.

In the meantime, today is the beginning of Ghost Appreciation Month over at Beyond Fiction, where I’ll be contributing a couple of reviews later in the month.

Also, if you’re on Netflix, they’ve added several great and hard-to-find seasonally appropriate movies to their Watch Instantly selection, including (but by no means limited to) Vampire Circus, The Raven, and Comedy of Terrors. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch any of them yet, but you can bet I will, and that you’ll hear about the results.

Until then, happy October!

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