New Year

So, it’s been 2011 for, what, eleven days? What do you know?

Basically, I’ve not posted anything here because I’ve had more-or-less nothing to report. I had a good New Years with friends, my parents came to visit, etc. And then Grace got sick. And then I got sick. I was off work for a couple of days. And then yesterday I felt better enough to go to work, except we had a snowstorm, so I spent four hours on the bus and only about four hours at work. And then today it was icy in my townhouses, and I didn’t feel 100% anyway, so here I am, home again, not getting as much done as I probably should, considering how much time I’ve spent not at work so far in the new year.

Still, while 2011 is maybe off to a somewhat ignominious start, it could certainly be worse. I’ve gotten some writing done that I’m fairly happy with, and I’m making some changes to my record-keeping processes that’ll hopefully be beneficial. I’m hoping to make some more changes, too, ones that you might see around here, but things have been going a little slower than I’d hoped.

In the meantime, I am gearing up for Monster Awareness Month in February. I’m looking for people to write pieces for that, too. I’m especially eager to see stuff on Ray Harryhausen and Jack Kirby’s monster comics, but anyone who’s got anything to say about monsters I’d be interested in hearing from.

Hopefully more soon…

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