Pseudopod Needs Your Help!

Pseudopod is the horror podcasting arm of Escape Artists, Inc. who also do the science fiction podcast Escape Pod and the fantasy-themed Podcastle. All three are fine sources for excellent audio fiction, and all three are in some trouble. Their listener base has been growing substantially, but their paid subscribers haven’t kept up, and all three are in danger of shutting down by the end of the year if they don’t raise some much-needed funds. You can hear more about it at the Escape Artist’s metacast.

My personal experience has been with Pseudopod, who have been kind enough to podcast two of my stories; “The Worm That Gnaws” way back in 2009, which remains my favorite reading of any of my stories that I’ve ever heard, and “Black Hill,” my Lovecraftian oil field story back in 2011. Working with Pseudopod was a great pleasure both times. Their editors were friendly and easy to work with, and their readers were absolutely fantastic. They’re a great voice in the landscape of online horror fiction, and one that we’d all be poorer for having to do without, so if you’re a listener consider throwing a few bucks into the hat, and if you’re not a listener already, consider checking them out today.

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