In addition to my various other writing endeavors, I’ve been writing freelance fiction and other odds-and-ends for Privateer Press for a couple of years now, and at this point enough of it has seen publication to warrant it’s own page here.

Licensed Novels

  • Fire & Faith Volume 1: Godless [print/digital](April 2017)

Licensed Stories

Gaming Content

  • Iron Kingdoms: Requiem
  • “Blood Runs Cold,” Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Wild Adventure
  • “Once Upon a Time in Khadoran-Occupied Llael,” No Quarter #65
  • Chasing the Dragon Part 5, No Quarter #64
  • Chasing the Dragon Part 4, No Quarter #63
  • Chasing the Dragon Part 3, No Quarter #62
  • Chasing the Dragon Part 2, No Quarter #61
  • Scoundrels & Sell-Swords: Ilena the Beast of the North, No Quarter #58 (2015)

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