“Orrin Grey writes tales that are as eloquent as they are eerie. He deftly blends the high Gothic aesthetics of classical horror with a raconteur’s innate knack for storytelling.  Grey is a unique talent, and is destined to become a major name in weird fiction.”
– Richard Gavin, author of The Darkly Splendid Realm

“Grey’s proclivity towards monsters, comics, the cavernous antiquity of the Hammer horror world, Corman’s Poe adaptations, and the classic tales of Lovecraft, Lieber, Hodgson, and James all combine in his work to create something that, in its strangeness, maintains a sense of fun. A cosmic curiosity that, while it may lead to dire conclusions, does not arrive there under a shroud of impenetrable doom.”
– Scott Candey, Spookatorium podcast

Praise for Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings
“Never Bet the Devil is a creepy foray into the realm of the weird and the sinister. An intriguing exploration of traditional and modern horror modes. Grey’s debut shows a great deal of promise.”
– Laird Barron, author of Occultation and The Croning

“Ghosts. Ghouls. Monsters of all sorts. These are what line the pages of Orrin Grey’s Never Bet the Devil. Grey’s voice is solid and secure, with the sort of natural joyful ease other writers only envy. A marvellous debut collection. “
– Simon Strantzas, author of Nightingale Songs

“The stories of Orrin Grey are fun, fast, and, surprising enough in a genre where doom, gloom, and ultra-gore are standard issue, rather good-natured. It’s not often you come across ‘pleasant horror,’ but that’s the best way to describe this collection—put a load of classic horror movies and comic books in a blender, liberally add some splashes of Mike Mignola-cool, and you’ve got yourself a monster mash to be reckoned with.”
– Jesse Bullington, author of Enterprise of Death and The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart

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