Continuing Adventures

Since Monday morning my Internet has been down at home. Last night I went out and bought a new router since I was informed that it was almost certainly the old router that was at fault. When I got it home, it didn’t power up correctly. Awesome. So that’s still ongoing.

At this point, it’s less the lack of the Internet that’s a problem (since I can do most stuff at work besides check my email) and more all the time and energy I’ve put into solving it, and this on the end of the most ludicrously busy/fast November in recorded history. So, not fun.

I don’t yet know when or how it’s all going to get resolved. There’s lots to do, and only so much time to spend fiddling with the problem. Hopefully it’ll be squared away tonight, before the long weekend, but if it’s not, well, I guess there’s nothing to be done for it.

Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that post-Thanksgiving, everything calms down a bit for me and mine. I could use some time for my brain to just stretch out, rather than scrabble after whatever next thing it needs to be doing. More from me then. And until, I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving. (Except those folks who don’t celebrate it. Which, I guess, have a very happy November 25th?)

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