The Bad News

Yesterday our cats went in to the vet for a checkup and vaccinations and suchlike. During which time we learned that one of them (Abby) will be needing a pretty expensive dental procedure. Which we were worried might be the case, but still. Fortunately we think we can afford to give her this procedure. Just not, y’know, easily. That’s all still the good news.

When it got bad was when she got home from the vet. She hid behind the water softener downstairs, like she always does, and then she started vomiting. She didn’t stop. I wasn’t home at the time, Grace had taken them in to the vet and was home with them. Thankfully she had her head together more than I probably would have and took Abby back to the vet. Which is good, because if she hadn’t Abby would probably have died. She had some kind of adverse reaction from the vaccine, and by the time they got her back to the vet had gone pretty seriously into shock.

Fortunately, the vet took care of her, and she seems to be doing just fine now. When we got her back home she was scared for awhile, but by this morning she was sleeping on the bed with us again. Both cats behaved remarkably when gathered up to go to the vet in the first place (this is an accomplishment with our cats, who were abused or feral or both before they were taken in by the place where we adopted them and who have taken years of acclimation to get as calm as they are now) and both have recovered very well and very quickly from the trauma. So, in all, big scare aside things are really pretty OK. If a big dental bill is the price of taking care of such good kitties, then we’ll happily find a way to make that work.

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