A Vincent Price Halloween

Okay, I admit, I have dropped the ball on this whole Countdown to Halloween thing. But I’m going to make it up to you.

Starting on Monday, the 24th, and running every single day through Halloween, I’m going to be hosting a special feature here. I’ve approached a bunch of writers, editors, and illustrators (mostly writers, I’ll admit) and asked them to pick a favorite Vincent Price movie to suggest for Halloween and write up a paragraph or two about why. Starting Monday and running through Halloween day, I’ll be posting the results, one a day. Barring misadventure, you can expect to see names like Richard Gavin, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Jesse Bullington, S.J. Chambers, John Langan, Gemma Files, and Drazen Kozjan. And on Halloween day itself, I’ll throw my hat into that particular ring, too. So check back next week and we’ll all celebrate Halloween the way it was meant to be, with Vincent Price movies!

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