Strangers on a Train (1951)

Some unforeseen logistical factors may have temporarily derailed (no pun intended) our Hitchcock marathon, but it’s still going ahead, just maybe a little slower than expected. However, we did manage to catch Strangers on a Train, starring Farley Granger (who we just saw in Rope), Robert Walker, and Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter Patricia!

It didn’t help matters that my DVD skipped in the middle, but this was my least favorite of the ones we’ve seen so far, in spite of some great bits and a truly spectacular carousel disaster. There are certainly through-lines to be seen between this and Rope and Dial M for Murder, and a lot of scenes in this one felt familiar, almost certainly because I’ve seen them referenced or ripped off in other movies and things since. That said, the plot of the picture really didn’t unfold the way I’d imagined it would from reading the synopsis, so that was nice.

After this would have been Dial M, but we already saw it to kick this whole thing off, so the plan is to watch Rear Window next, as we begin to get into Hitchcock’s really famous films. I’ll let you know when we manage it.

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