‘Tis the Season

Since it’s become a cliche by now, I’ll try to refrain from opening this post with an apology directed at the Internet in general for my long absences of late. Suffice to say that I’ve been incredibly busy of late, and that sadly shows no signs of abating, at least through the beginning of the new year. But I’m on the downward slope of a four-day weekend from the day job, and that’s allowed me to finally get around to getting some pictures taken/uploaded that I’ve been promising for a while now. So, in the spirit of seasonal festivity, here they are.


First off, here’s a pile of my books that were just released. There are a lot more copies of Never Bet the Devil in the pile than there are copies of Fungi only because I currently have a lot more copies of Never Bet the Devil than I do of Fungi, but that copy of Fungi on the bottom of the pile there is one of the incredibly sharp hardcovers, which I’d recommend picking one of up if you haven’t, because they look great. (I’d say something like “if I do say so myself,” but I really had nothing to do with how they look, that was all Silvia.)

That picture was taken in my newly-renovated office, which is finally in some kind of usable state for the first time in I don’t know how long. All the books are on the shelves, all the shelves are in the room, and about all that’s left now is to go through some piles of paperwork, which may take a while. In the meantime, I’m typing this from my desk in my office, under the watchful gaze of my office mascot:


He’s a Hellboy Skelanimal, one of a limited batch they made for comic-con. He’s on my top shelf, next to one of my Maltese Owl bookends (not their official name, I just found them in an antique store and they remind me of the Maltese Falcon) and my author copies of all the books I’ve ever been in.

On one of my other shelves is this guy, who I just got from my good friends Reyna and Gavin Sparby. I’ve never read the comic he’s apparently from, but he’s a skeleton in a bow tie, so I immediately approve.


He’s standing in front of my Fritz Leiber and Edgar Rice Burroughs books, which is a pretty good spot to be in.

Finally, even though tomorrow is Christmas, today was the biggest Relevant Seasonal Festivity celebration we’re likely to have around here. My parents came up for dinner, and I got several nice presents over the past few days from lots of awesome folks, most of which aren’t necessarily as photogenic as our skull-headed friend up there, but all of which I appreciate very much, so thank you everyone! To end my post on a seasonally appropriate note, here’s our Relevant Seasonal Festivity Tree this year, decorated mostly by Grace, though the topper was my doing:

Seasonal Festivity Tree

I hope you all have a happy whatever, and I’ll have more updates coming soon!

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