Monster Awareness Month Days 19&20

Day 19: Hellraiser (1987)
Here’s another movie about which there’s not much left to add, but I will say that if I were choosing Clive Barker movies to represent Monster Awareness Month, I’d likely have chosen Nightbreed instead. Not that Nightbreed is any better than Hellraiser, it just seems more monster-y.

Day 20: Tremors (1989)
OK, y’know the other day, when I was saying how I’d have trouble picking a favorite out of the movies from this month. Well, that’s still true, and all those movies I mentioned would be hot contenders. But Tremors would be the dark horse candidate, for sure. Maybe my first favorite movie, I actually remember seeing Tremors in the theatre, and what’s not to love about this great homage to 50s monster flicks?

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