Vault of Secrets

I’m very happy to finally get to announce The Vault of Secrets, my new column on vintage horror cinema for Innsmouth Free Press! I’m really excited about this one, since, as anybody who’s been reading this for long knows, old horror movies are some of my favorite things in the world. That link will take you to the first installment, where I talk about Mark of the Vampire.

I came to the vintage horror scene late in the game. I didn’t grow up with these movies, like a lot of the people I know. I had never seen a Hammer movie or even one of the Universal movies until I was in college, and I didn’t get really into them until just a few years ago. When I did fall, though, I fell hard, and I’ve been watching them voraciously ever since.

What I grew up on instead were the great Crestwood House monster books. I read them again and again, and pored over the black-and-white stills all through my youth, which made finally watch these movies feel like a homecoming when it happened.

I’m looking forward to sharing a lot of obscure (and sometimes less obscure) old movies that I love with everyone. I’ve got the first six entries already planned out, as I’ll be going through all the movies in the really excellent Hollywood Legends of Horror Collection, which is one of my favorites among the many, many boxed sets of old horror movies I’ve picked up so far.

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