We’ll Send Him Cheesy Movies

I really enjoy talking about movies. (I know, right? Stop the presses!) Not writing reviews of them, per se, though I’ve done my share of that over the years too. Just sort of reacting to them, talking them over afterward, telling people who haven’t seen them about how awesome or awful or fucked up or funny they were, commiserating (or the happy version of same) with people who have seen them about all of the above.

I like talking about books, too, but somehow it’s not the same. I don’t know if it’s because I know fewer people who’ve read the same books as me, or if it’s because books seem like an even more personal, subjective experience than movies, or what. But when I go to writing conventions, we almost always all end up sitting around the dinner table talking about The Howling III. (Okay, that only happened once, but you get the idea.)

Anyway, there was a time when I used to write up reviews of just about every movie I saw, but over the years I’ve moved away from that, and now I mostly only write real, actual reviews when I’m asked to for one reason or another. Part of it is that I’ve tried to take the stance of not saying anything at all if I don’t have anything nice to say, and part of it is simply a sea change in my approach to blogging. But this has left me with something of a void to fill because, as I mentioned above, I really like talking about movies, and it’s not fair that only my wife and those friends who live close by me should have to suffer for this failing.

So I’m planning a sort of regular feature here on my ‘blog where I’ll talk, at whatever length and in whatever depth I’m able and inclined, about whichever movies should strike my fancy. They’ll probably be genre pictures, mostly horror and things with monsters in them, and they’ll probably mostly either be things I’ve never seen, or haven’t watched in years. They’ll also probably be from the 70s or later, since I’ll mostly save earlier stuff for my Vault of Secrets column over at Innsmouth Free Press. I’ll tag them with “we’ll send him cheesy movies,” and you’ll be able to read all of them by heading to that link, or following that category (under taxonomy, to the right).

In spite of the implications of that phrase, my previous resolve to do things like avoid calling people war criminals still holds, so while I’ll probably occasionally ‘blog about a movie that’s a dud, I’ll usually talk about movies I liked. And even when I talk about movies I didn’t care for, I’ll focus mostly on the stuff that I found interesting, whatever the hell that was. And now you’ve got way more information than anyone ever wanted about the reasoning behind this new category on my website. If anyone’s still reading, feel free to check back sometime in the next day or so, when there’ll maybe be an actual post under this tag, rather than just this thing.

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