Snow Days

It’s been a little bit since I posted on here. I know it’s like, the biggest Internet cliche around, but I really do promise to try to post more often. Things have been a little crazy the last couple of weeks, and none of it has been the kind of stuff I generally talk about on here, so I’ve gone a little quiet.

Last weekend, we spent all the money. It started out Thursday night, when my DVD player crapped out in the middle of watching an episode of Xena (which we’ve been revisiting, since it was pretty much Grace’s favorite show ever when she was younger, more on that later probably). I called in to see about getting it fixed, but it would’ve cost more than just buying a new one was, so I bought my first Blu-ray player. It is awesome. Anyway, that started a sort of chain reaction that ended up with us getting a bunch of new stuff that we’d been planning to buy for months but kept putting off, including an unexpected couch and chair set that I am absolutely in love with. (It’s this one.) Between that and some other odds and ends (like curtains, finally) our living room is now pretty much perfect. Once I get my posters up on the wall, I’ll try to put up some pictures. Which I will take using the other thing I got last weekend, which was my first smartphone! It is also awesome.

This weekend, we got snow. Lots of it. Enough so that my work and Grace’s both closed on Thursday. They were open again on Friday, but the city issued a notice asking people not to go out if they didn’t have to, so we stayed in again. Around a foot of snow in about a four hour period. Pretty impressive for around here, and I hear now that we’re going to maybe be getting almost that much again come Monday-Tuesday. We’ll see how that goes. Right now there are big mountains of snow piled up everywhere outside. It’s kind of exciting.

That means two snow days, though I can’t really tell you what I’ve done with them. Not been as productive as I should have been, that’s for sure. I’ve watched a few movies, though not enough to account for the amount of time that I’ve spent, and none of them are terribly worthy of noting. Silent Hill: Revelation is a waste of time, to the surprise of no one. Headhunters was really good, as I’d been told. Hit & Run was weird but cute.

I’ve got some deadlines looming, so tomorrow I’ve got to get some more writing done. Maybe I’ll get lucky and we’ll be trapped in our house next week too, and I can be a little more productive.

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