All the Print That’s Fit to News

A lot’s been going on, so I figured I should pop in here and mention at least some of it. For starters, I’ll be attending my first H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival this May in Portland. It’ll also be my first convention as a guest, which is pretty exciting, especially since I’ve been wanting to attend an HPLFF for pretty much my entire adult life. More on my schedule when it becomes available.

I’ll also be wandering around the second annual Spectrum Fantastic Art Live later that same month (since it’s here in my own town) and attending the World Horror Convention in New Orleans in June, though I’ll be doing those both just as a… visitor? What is it you are if you’re not a guest? Anyway…

In more immediate news, Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings has been out for a few months now, and some reviews for it have sprouted up. Jesse Bullington reviews it for Innsmouth Free Press here, J.T. Glover calls it a “monsterghostoccultapalooza” at his website here, and Justin Steele takes it story by story at The Arkham Digest here. After doing his review, Mr. Steele was kind enough to ask me for an interview, which is available here. Myself notwithstanding, Mr. Steele has some good tastes, and I am in pretty fantastic company when it comes to interview subjects.

There have also been some (very generous) reviews cropping up on the book’s Amazon and Goodreads pages. If you’ve already read it yourself, then a review at either place would be much appreciated. More soon!

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