Tables of Contents, and the Contents Thereof

May has been a crazy month, and as I sit here on the last day of it, I realize that in all the craziness I let a couple of tables of contents announcements featuring stories of mine go by without comment here (though I talked about them enough on social media, I’m sure). But I’m pretty excited about both, so I figured I should do a quick post and catch up anyone who may’ve missed the announcements on Facebook or wherever.

First off, my (very) short story “The Bones of Heroes” will be appearing in Sword & Mythos, the sword-and-sorcery-and-Lovecraft anthology from Innsmouth Free Press. This makes me happy in no small part because it means that I’ve officially been in every Innsmouth anthology to date (assuming editing Fungi counts as “being in” it). Hopefully that’s a track record that’ll continue well into the future. In the mean time, I’m sharing the ToC with a host of great writers, some fellow Innsmouth regulars and some names that are new to me, and you can check the whole thing out here.

I’m also extremely pleased that my story “Ripperology” will be appearing in Ross Lockhart’s forthcoming Tales of Jack the Ripper anthology, which is also the first book from his new Word Horde imprint. I’m in there with a host of very exciting names, including Laird Barron, Joe Pulver, Joe Lansdale, Ramsay Campbell, my sometime co-editor Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Ennis Drake, Alan M. Clark, T.E. Grau, and more. Of especial note is that E. Catherine Tobler and I are sharing ToCs in both books, which is pretty awesome! It’s not the first time we’ve shared a ToC, and her story “New Feet Within My Garden Go” is in the hardcover version of Fungi. The full ToC for Tales of Jack the Ripper is here, and given that lineup and Ross’s editorial pedigree, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a must-read book.

  1. Ennis Drake said:

    Thrilled to be sharing this TOC with you, Orrin. It’s going to be a damn good book.

  2. Same to you, sir! It’s always good to have a story in a book that you’re looking forward to reading!

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