World Horror Bound

In about 48 hours, I’ll be in New Orleans for World Horror. This is the first convention I’ve gone to since Readercon in 2009 in which I was not doing anything specific. No readings, no panels, no nothing. I’m just there as a tourist. I may be attending the Bram Stoker Award banquet, but that’s it as far as scheduled obligations go.

That said, I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of people, both the usual faces from the last couple World Horrors, and new folks who I haven’t yet met in the flesh. And I’m really looking forward to seeing New Orleans, a place I’ve always wanted to visit, but never have before.

While there’s no particular panel or reading where you can find me, I’ll be hanging out with the usual crowd (Steve Scearce, Bear Weiter, et al) and I’m pretty tall, so I shouldn’t be too hard to track down. I’ll likely be wearing a sort of olive-green hat most of the time. If you see such a hat moving through the crowd, just yell or throw something at me or something. That should work. And feel free to hit me up on any social media and tell me where the happening parties are, or whatever.

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