Fund Drive & Countdown

Got a couple of quick announcements to make:

First off, I’ve been a little late in mentioning this, but Strange Horizons is holding its annual fund drive as we speak (or as I type, and you read). As always, everyone who contributes to the fund drive is entered for prize drawings. Among the pool of prizes this year is a copy of my collection Never Bet the Devil & Other WarningsI’ve written a couple of nonfiction pieces for Strange Horizons over the years, including one on supernatural fiction and one on cosmic horror in John Carpenter’s “Apocalypse Trilogy.” 

Also, as I have for the past few years, I’ll be participating in the Countdown to Halloween again this year. (You can see my badge down in the sidebar, which I picked because it’s a mummy, not because I’ve ever had the cereal. Nobody ever seemed to carry that flavor where I live.) I’m not yet sure what I’ll be doing for it, precisely, but it’ll probably have to do with old movies or monsters or both. That’s a pretty safe bet, around here.

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