Crypticon Bound

This weekend, I’ll be at Crypticon KC. Like last year, I’ll be splitting a table with friend and fellow local writer Sean Demory, although this year we’re actually part of a bigger group with a bunch of local horror authors who’ll have a sort of “author’s alley” going on, so come visit our long table full of books, say hi, and pick up some good reading material. I’ll have copies of Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings as well as a few copies of The Children of Old Leech with signature plates from editors Justin Steele and Ross Lockhart.

Friday night from 8-10 there’s a multi-author reading/panel thing happening. I’ll be involved, along with Sean and some other folks, and I hear there may be a magic show? So, y’know, come on down for that.

Aside from that, I have nothing on my schedule, so you can probably find me loitering around our table or stalking the cast of Monster Squad. (There’s a Monster Squad reunion happening, did I mention this? Michael Biehn’s gonna be there, too. And Zach Galligan. And Charles freaking Band! If my gigantic Full Moon collection wasn’t signed already, you’d better believe it’d be getting signed.)

I had a surprisingly great time at Crypticon last year, so I’m looking forward to this year’s festivities.

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