Kansas City Here I Come…

Though, of course, I don’t have to actually go much of anywhere to be in Kansas City, since I already live here, I will be a guest at this year’s ConQuest in downtown KC this weekend. My full schedule with official panel descriptions is below, and whenever I’m not at one of these panels, you’ll probably be able to find me hanging out with my fellow Pine Float Press authors at the Pine Float Press Floating VIP Lounge.

Friday May 27
8pm – Horror from the Headlines: Current Events as Inspiration 
This panel would discuss how current events can be used to inspire works of horror as well as what possible pitfalls to look out for.

Saturday May 28
12pm – DC Vs Marvel: Who’s Winning on the Silver Screen?
Now that the DC movie franchise seems to have a long-term direction and we have seen The Dark Knight meet The Man of Steel on the big screen, is Marvel still ruling the box office? And what does the next five years hold in store for both superhero universes?

6pm – Film Adaptations: The Best and the Worst
Film Adaptations of Books have a checkered history in Hollywood, giving us both masterpieces and stinkers. Panelists would share their favorite and least favorite adaptations and why they think they succeeded or failed.

Sunday May 29
10am – Reading
This one’s just gonna be me, reading… something. I should probably figure out what before the time comes…

3pm – The Big Three of Weird Tales
H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert E. Howard were the ‘big three’ in weird fiction in the 1920’s and 30’s. Where are they now in the relevance of speculative fiction? Can the younger fans of today appreciate their work? (In which I get to admit how little I actually know about Clark Ashton Smith…)

You can see the full schedule here, or if you’re only interested in hearing me talk, type in my name to see just the stuff I’m doing.


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