Honorably Mentioned

As she does every year, Ellen Datlow has posted the long list of honorable mentions for The Best Horror of the Year Volume 8, and I’m very proud to say that five of the stories that I published in 2015 made the cut! (That’s the most I’ve ever gotten, if I’m not mistaken.) Three of those five stories are in Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts. Two of them, “Strange Beast” and the title novelette, are original to the collection. The other is “The Red Church,” which originally appeared in Giallo Fantastique, also from Word Horde. Which seems like a good reason to buy Painted Monsters, if you haven’t already, right?

Here’s all the stories of mine that made the list, and you can see the full list at Ellen’s website:

“Guignol,” The Burning Maiden 2.
“Painted Monsters,” Painted Monsters.
“Programmed to Receive,” Resonator.
“Strange Beast,” Painted Monsters.
“The Red Church,” Giallo Fantastique.

“Guignol” and “Programmed to Receive” should be appearing again in my next collection, which is still at least a year away. But not to worry, there’s plenty of new stuff coming between now and then, including the Kickstarter for the new deluxe edition of Never Bet the Devil, which is starting in just a couple of weeks!

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