Gothic Anthology Cover & TOC

The cover and table of contents for the second anthology from Innsmouth Free Press have been posted. As before, I’ve bolded my story, but, as before, I’m in some very august company, all of whom are well worth a look.

Dark Epistle, Jim Blackstone
Obsessions, Colleen Anderson
Stone Dogs, Paul Jessup
The Victorians, James S. Dorr
Liminal Medicine, Jesse Bullington
Nightmare, Wenona Napolitano
The Shredded Tapestry, Ryan Harvey
Desideratum, Gina Flores
The Seventh Picture, Orrin Grey
Housebound, Don D’Ammassa
Elizabeth on the Island, Josh Reynolds
At the Doorstep, Leanna Renee Hieber
The Ba-Curse, Ann K. Schwader
Broken Notes, Maria Mitchell
I Tarocchi dei d’Este, Martha Hubbard
The Malcontents, Mary E. Choo
Frozen Souls, Sarah Hans
New Archangel, Desmond Warzel
The Ascent, Berit K.N. Ellingsen
Nine Nights, Theresa Sanchez Bazelli
Vodka Attack, Meddy Ligner
The Forgotten Ones, Mary Cook
The City of Melted Iron, Bobby Cranestone
A Fixer-Upper, Amanda C. Davis
The Snow Man, E. Catherine Tobler
In His Arms in the Attic, Alexis Brooks de Vita
Hitomi, Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas

I’m very excited about this anthology. I’m a big fan of Gothic stories, and you don’t see many contemporary anthologies themed around them. At least, I don’t. So I think this is going to be something pretty special. It’s set to be released in September, so it should be out in plenty of time for your Halloween reading.

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