What’ve I Been Doing?

A lot has been going on, which, as usual, means I’ve been posting less. Honestly, while I’ll always keep updating my site here, the best place to keep up with me these days is probably over on my Facebook (I know, I know).

So what’s up? Well, my ninth anniversary came and went on June 2nd. Nine years I’ve been married to my very favorite person in the world, which is pretty good, I think. We didn’t do much to mark the date this year, but next year we’re planning to go to Hawaii.

I’ve seen a lot of movies lately. I re-watched Revolutionary Girl Utena for the first time in many years, and the very first time all the way through. It was still good. Then we watched the movie, which was flat crazy. I also caught X-Men: First Class, which was better than I could’ve reasonably expected. I would’ve liked more Magneto/Xavier/Mystique/Shaw, and less weird Z-list mutant supporting characters, but it was mostly pretty great.

Besides that, I watched a bunch of stuff for my column over at Innsmouth Free Press, and I also caught a weird anthology horror flick on Watch Instantly called Trapped Ashes. I watched it because Joe Dante directed the framing sequence, but I actually found it to be a lot more enjoyable than I was expecting, in spite of a pretty stupid ending. The framing sequence had a great Mario Bava/Dario Argento homage house setting, and while the rest of the movies had the (sometimes uncomfortable) eroticism of a late-night cable show, I found that almost all of them had something going on that I could enjoy. I think my favorite was probably “Stanley’s Girlfriend,” which, though it didn’t really bring anything new to the table, had a tone of lingering regret, rather than horror, that I found interesting.

Those who follow me on Goodreads will note that I’ve not been reading much. That’s not actually strictly true, but I’ve been working my way through a massive pair of tomes collecting the macabre short fiction of Basil Copper from PS Publishing. I’ll post reviews eventually, but I’m still getting through them. I’ve also been going back through in an effort to thin out my comic collection, which means reading a lot of my old comic books. And, by and large, they’re terrible. Man. But I still love some of them anyway.

Tonight I’m going to Tessa Gratton‘s book launch at Rainy Day Books, so I’m looking forward to that.

I think that’s about it for me, though. What’ve you guys been up to?

  1. Frances said:

    *making a note of /Trapped Ashes/*

    Job-hunting, myself, and trying to thin out my books a little. Understand where you’re coming from on the “some of these are terrible” thing – and some of them aren’t, but I just don’t read them these days, and don’t have room, and they should go to somebody who *will* read them. you know?

    Congratulations on the anniversary. 🙂

    • Yeah, I have to do a purge of my stuff every so often, Right now it’s comic books and action figures, but another book purge is going to have to come sooner or later.

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