The Burning Maiden and the Book Club

The website and table of contents for the first volume of The Burning Maiden, which will feature my story “Count Brass,” is up here. I’m in a really just jaw-dropping table of contents. I’m not going to reproduce the whole thing here this time, though I should, but we’re talking about the likes of Cullen Bunn, Matthew Pearl, Tim Lebbon, Mike Oliveri, Jeremy Shipp, Sarah Langan, Mort Castle, and Joe Lansdale, among others! So yeah, wow!

It’s coming out this October from Evileye Books, the same folks who’re going to be publishing Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings (my collection). “Count Brass” will also be in my collection, though I sold it to them for The Burning Maiden before we’d ever started talking about the collection. Still, this means October is going to be a big, big month for me, for lots of reasons.

While I’m on the subject, you should check out the Evileye book club. It’s the only way to get the limited-edition hardcovers of their various books, including Never Bet the Devil, The Burning Maiden, Cullen Bunn’s Crooked Hills, and Mike Oliveri’s The Pack: Winter Kill, among others. There’s no commitment involved, and it also gets you access to various other special deals. Plus, even though it looks like you do, you don’t have to have a Twitter handle to sign up. Just, if you do, they do updates and stuff via Twitter.

1 comment
  1. Frances said:

    …as you say, *wow*.

    My deepest congratulations. (Also, have ordered a copy of Delicate Toxins. Finally.)

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