Those of you who were around this weekend may’ve already seen this, but it deserves a good big post of its very own. The pre-production (so not necessarily final, but probably close) front cover of my forthcoming collection Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings has been revealed:

You can go to the publisher’s site to read a little about the background that went into the cover, but for now I can tell you that the cover art is by the fabulous Bernie Gonzalez, who also did illustrations for every story in the collection (more on that later). There’ll be a lot more news and details about the collection coming down the road, but for now I wanted to share the cover with everyone.

In other news, I believe I can safely announce that I sold my story “The Labyrinth of Sleep” to the fine folks at Innsmouth Free Press for inclusion in their forthcoming Future Lovecraft anthology. Stay tuned and you’ll be hearing more about that in the near future, as well!

  1. Jason said:

    Looks very nice, Sir Orrin.

  2. This looks awesome. Me want. When does it go on sale?

    • Thanks everyone! And John, sadly I think we’re looking at a release sometime in March of next year, but they tell me it’ll be a sort of “soft rollout,” so there may be chances to get your hands on a copy sooner than that.

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