Important Collection Update

My first short story collection is coming out sometime early next year from Evileye Books! For most of you reading this, that’s probably not news, though the “early next year” part might be. The fact is there’s still not a date set in stone, but we’re shooting for March.

The book is going to be called Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings. It’s going to consist of ten stories, two of which are previously unpublished anywhere, one of which is my currently out-of-print novella The Mysterious Flame. It’s going to be fully illustrated by the incredible Bernie Gonzalez, who also did the cover, which you can see here. I’ve seen the illustrations, and I can say that this book is going to look amazing. Hopefully you’ll like the stories, too.

There’ll be more news about it coming down the line, but for now I can say that we’re planning to release the collection in trade paperback and e-book editions in the spring, and then later on there’ll be a limited-edition hardcover, if there’s enough demand. And here’s the part where I ask for some help. If you’re interested in the collection, and would like to stay in the loop on it, it’d help out if you dropped a line to and let them know. And if you’re a reviewer and would like to get an ARC, send an email to Finally, if you want a copy of the limited-edition hardcover, send an email to and let them know that you’re interested in the hardcover of my collection. None of these will commit you to anything, but it’ll help let the publisher know that the demand is there.

To say that I’m excited about this would, of course, be the grossest of understatements, and I want to say thank you to everyone who has already expressed their enthusiasm for it, and to everyone who reads this website, no matter how you got here. I’ll have more news (and other things) coming down the pipe very soon.

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