World Horror Recap

This past weekend I returned for my second World Horror Convention. I’d love to say that I went back because I had such a good time last year (which I did), but really I went because I knew Mike Mignola was going to be there. Happily, I got to meet him and chat several times over the course of the weekend, and didn’t once embarrass myself overmuch or do anything that would cause him to press charges (I don’t think).

Much of the weekend was spent in the company of Steve Scearce and Bear Weiter Jacob Ruby (who I met at last year’s World Horror) and their lovely wives, as well as the excellent Andrew Fuller, who was good enough to split a room with me so I didn’t have to sleep in a closet. I met a lot of new folks, and was able to spend some more time with several old acquaintances, and I had a really good time. Salt Lake City was a pleasant place to walk around in, and so much of that was done, often at night, amid interesting architecture, pleasant green spaces, and much weird lighting.

I am unlikely to ever catch up to all the things that went on while I was away, so if I missed anything you particularly want me to see, feel free to direct it to my attention. There’ll be more news from me soon, regarding the Fungi anthology and other things, so for now I should get back to it.

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