As I’ve already mentioned a bunch of other places, I had two stories make it onto Ellen Datlow’s very long list of honorable mentions for The Best Horror of the Year Volume 4, both of them from Innsmouth Free Press anthologies. “The Seventh Picture” from Candle in the Attic Window and “Black Hill” from Historical Lovecraft.

“Black Hill” is maybe my most successful short story to date. In addition to this particular honor, and to recently being acquired for reprint in The Book of Cthulhu 2, it was also selected for podcasting at Pseudopod, where it actually just won the readers’ choice poll for best story of the year! I’m particularly excited about that, because the only other time I published a story at Pseudopod, it also won the readers choice poll for best story of the year. (That would have been “The Worm That Gnaws” a couple of years back.) It doesn’t hurt a bit that both times the stories have been beautifully produced and read by the folks at that fine establishment.

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