Never Bet the Devil!

Missing Halloween by a single day, my debut collection Never Bet the Devil and Other Warnings just showed up on Amazon yesterday! We were expecting it in the next few days, but it jumped the gun a bit.

Never Bet the Devil features ten of my stories, accumulated from the last four years or so of publishing, running from “The Reading Room” in Bound for Evil to “Count Brass,” which just came out in The Burning Maiden. Two of the stories (“Nearly Human” and “The Barghest”) are original to this collection. It also features my out-of-print novella The Mysterious Flame, which was previously only available as a chapbook through Dead Letter Press. Here’s the full table of contents:

  • “Never Bet the Devil”
  • “Count Brass”
  • “Black Hill”
  • “The Devil in the Box”
  • “Nature vs. Nurture”
  • “The Barghest”
  • “The Seventh Picture”
  • “The Reading Room”
  • “Nearly Human”
  • The Mysterious Flame

The book also features author’s notes and is fully illustrated by Bernie Gonzalez, who also did the illustrations for the hardcover edition of Fungi, and produced that sharp cover that you can see to your right. Currently the only available edition is the paperback, but there are Kindle and other ebook versions on the horizon. I am, as you can imagine, extremely excited about this, though it won’t feel 100% real until I’m actually holding a copy in my hands. You’ll be hearing much more about this in the coming months, but for now, my book is finally a real thing!

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