The Places I’ll Go

The programming for this year’s World Horror convention has been announced. I’m on a panel about short fiction, where I’ll be sharing space with a bunch of cool folks, including Joe Hill(!). It’s my first panel, but Molly Tanzer is the moderator, so hopefully she’ll keep me from doing anything too terribly stupid.

Where else will I be? Well, I’ll definitely be at the reading that Molly Tanzer and Jesse Bullington will be doing on Thursday night, and there are a bunch of other panels and readings that I’m going to do my damnedest to catch. If you’re gonna be there, I’m sure I won’t be too terribly hard to find. Then on Sunday night, for those lucky few who’ll still be around, I’ll be attending a book launch party for the Steampunk Bible, along with Selena Chambers.

In other news of places I’m going to be (albeit not physical ones this time), Scape, a new online magazine of speculative young adult fiction just launched. My story “Letters from the Monster Show” will be in the second issue, coming sometime later this year.

Finally, just one more reminder, there’s only five more days to pre-order Historical Lovecraft at 20% off.

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