Last Post Before WHC

OK, World Horror is in two days. At this time tomorrow I’ll be panicking about whether I forgot everything, and at this time the next day I’ll be… arriving at Austin, give or take. For those who’re going to WHC, I’m looking forward to meeting you, if I’ve not met you already, or to seeing you again, if I have! If you’re trying to find me, I’ll be on a panel on short fiction at 11am on Friday. Thursday night I’ll be at the readings that Jesse and Molly are doing. And Sunday night I will for sure be in attendance at Selena’s Steampunk Bible Booklaunch Party, where there will also be such luminaries as Liz Gorinsky, Jess Nevins, Rick Klaw, and Michael Freaking Moorcock! So if you’re around, definitely stop in for that!

Things around here have been incredibly hectic for the last few days. I’m hoping to have some more news when I get back from WHC, but for now most of my time has been tied up with various things, and this’ll probably be my last post before my departure, though I’ll certainly be around on Facebook and Twitter some as a safety valve to keep myself from going nuts over the next day or so.

In the meantime, Historical Lovecraft is still doing well. If you haven’t picked up your copy, there’s no time like the present. Molly’ll be reading from her amazing story in it at World Horror, and we’ll have bookmarks to hand out, and at least three of us contributors (me, Molly, and Jesse) will all be there together, so if you’ve got a copy that you wanted signed, we could scrawl in it.

Delicate Toxins is also available. I got my contributor’s copies the other day, and they are pretty much unbelievably gorgeous!

I think that’s pretty much it for now. I’ll wrap this up and go back to worrying about what I’m forgetting. And if you’re going to WHC, I’ll see you there!

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