Where You Will Find Me (in Fine State)

So, the latest news is that my story “Mortensen’s Muse” will be joining an absolutely stellar lineup in Ellen Datlow’s Children of Lovecraft, which also allows me to check “be in a book with a Mike Mignola cover” off my list. I’m very excited about this publication and this story, which concerns a fictionalized version of photographer William Mortensen’s real-life friendship with Fay Wray. (I changed some of the names, so that I could play faster and looser with history, but then ended up staying pretty close to the facts for at least the first part of the story anyway.)


And speaking of stories that I’m excited about, I can also announce that my story “Baron von Werewolf Presents: Frankenstein Against the Phantom Planet” will be appearing in Ross Lockhart’s Eternal Frankenstein, coming soon from Word Horde and continuing my string of Word Horde anthology appearances. The story is inspired by my memories of watching monster movies as a kid, Willis O’Brien’s never-produced King Kong vs. Frankenstein, and so much more. It’s also probably the best story title I will ever come up with, so I’d better enjoy it while I can.

Those are just the latest in a string of stories that I’ve got in various stages of production for 2016. In addition to short stories, you can also expect to see more news about Monsters from the Vault, my collection of columns on vintage horror films coming soon from Innsmouth Free Press, a project that I’m working on with Dunhams Manor, and hopefully some word on getting Never Bet the Devil back into print sooner rather than later…

For now, I am up to my eye sockets in freelance work and various projects, so I must get back to the word mines. More soon!

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